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Paradise Art Glass: Contact

Paradise art Glass is a business owned and operated by Shannon Muse specializing in custom art glass with a strong commitment to quality, value and personal service.


  • 20 years experience designing custom art glass using leaded, sandblasting and hot glass techniques.
  • 8 years as head craftsman at Crystal Glass Gallery, Carbondale, Co, preceded by 6 years working in the building trades.
  • experienced in working out solutions with owners, architects and builders.

Pricing Policy

The projects are based on a square footage price range based on complexity.
leaded glass $185.00 – $350.00 per square foot
Sandblasted glass $125.00 – $200.00 per square foot
Cabinet door inserts priced on a job basis
Sculpture and lighting priced on an individual basis

Commision procedure: a design deposit of $250.00 or 10 percent of the project cost is required to complete concept sketches and retain scheduling. This deposit will be applied to the construction deposit. Upon approval of concepts, full-scale drawings will be completed at which time the construction deposit equaling 50% of the project price will be due. The remaining 50% plus any applicable taxes, delivery fee or installation fee will become due upon completion.